Data Center Construction

Northwest Technology Leaders Depend on CRITICAL SOLUTIONS

The Northwest’s leader in design, construction, and maintenance of critical power systems. For over a decade we’ve been providing services to leaders in the technology industry who depend on uninterrupted power

Critical Solutions Services

1. UPS System Installs from design to completion

  • All UPS Manufacturers
  • Any size UPS install
  • New installs
  • UPS Replacement
  • Load Bank Testing
  • System Design
  • UPS Maintenance

2. PDU/PMR Installations

  • All PDU/PMR Manufacturers
  • Any size install
  • New installs
  • PDU PMR Replacement
  • PDU PMR Maintenance

3. Generator Installations

  • System Design
  • System Install
  • Load Banking

4. Data Center Power Failure Response

  • 24/7 Response & Co-location site

5. Rack-based Power Installs/Gutter Installations

  • Rack-based PDU Install
  • Above Cabinet Rack-based Outlets
  • Gutter Installation for Power Distribution
  • System Design

6. Bus Duct Installation and Maintenance

7. DC Power Installations

  • 48V DC Power Install
  • 24V DC Power Install
  • DC Plant Install
  • DC Circuit and Breaker Install
  • Rectifier Install

8. IR Scanning and Amperage Reading